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The Top 6 Email Service Providers in Germany

Which Email Service Provider is the best in Germany? That answer can be tough to find. Email is a service that every business needs, but the providers are numerous and not easy to keep track of. This blog post will help you decide on which Email Service Provider is right for your business by looking at some of the top Email Providers in Germany!

Email Service Provider in Germany

The Top Email Service Providers in Germany

The Email Service Providers in Germany are Gmail, GMX, T-Online, Yahoo!, AOL and Hotmail. These providers offer a range of features that make them attractive to different groups of people.


Gmail is the most popular email service provider in Germany. Email has been around since the 1970s, and Gmail was created in 2004 by a team of Google employees led by Paul Buchheit to improve on existing web-based mail services such as Yahoo! Mail. The company’s goal was to provide an easy-to-use webmail interface with a built-in spam filter in order to compete with local webmail providers like Yahoo! and Hotmail. It also collaborates directly with the user’s ISP, so it can act as a full POP or IMAP client when necessary. The service is noted for its high level of security (as much as using SSL encryption) and ease of use.


Gmx is the second most popular email provider in Germany and was created in 1997 as GMX Email by Klaus Timm, Marc Würth, Thomas Arnhold, Franz-Josef Schütz (the first four letters of “GMX” stand for ‘good morning’). The company was renamed to Gmx Email Service GmbH in 1999 and then to www.gmx.de Email & Teleshopping AG in 2005. The service is noted for its speed, simplicity, robustness and low price.


T-Online was originally created by Deutsche Telekom as a subsidiary of T-Com which went public on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in 1996 with an IPO share of DM 57.50 per share (approximated to be worth €25 at the time). As of 2008, Deutsche Telekom is still the majority shareholder with a 95% stake in T-Online. The company offers Email and Webmail services as well as Videotelephony (VoIP) for customers who purchase all three services from Deutsche Telekom.

Yahoo & Yahoo! Mail Plus

Yahoo! Email has been around since 1996, and is available in over thirty languages. The company was created by Jerry Yang and David Filo as a web portal who wanted to create an easy-to-use online destination for all the information people needed on the internet (hence “Yahoo!”). Yahoo! Email is noted for its strong spam protection and unlimited storage space.

Yahoo! Mail Plus came into being in 2002 as a premium service that offered customers additional features including an ad-free version of the interface, POP access to email accounts that don’t offer IMAP support, larger inbox sizes, more simultaneous messages per account (150), and more. Yahoo! Mail Plus was discontinued in 2008 and replaced with the free version of Yahoo! Email, which offers POP access to email accounts that don’t offer IMAP support, a larger inbox size (25MB), and more simultaneous messages per account (250).


The America On-Line company began offering Email services as a value-added feature of its dialup Internet service in 1995. AOL Email is noted for the number of spam emails it receives, and high rates of virus infections.


Microsoft’s Hotmail Email has been around since 1996 as well when a beta version was created by Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith at Microsoft to provide “a free Email service with an ad-supported business model” as part of the MSN network. The company is noted for its heavy use, and ease of signup process (no need to create a username or password for MSN Hotmail posteingang.