How to Find if your Email is POP3 or IMAP ?

Have you recently bought a new device and you are trying to set up your email and you just came up with the question if your email is POP3 or IMAP? well, it happened to me once as well and it was with an Android smartphone when I was trying to set up my email through the generic mail on the phone. this question pops up quite regularly for people who are unsure of their email client and use their own custom emails.

This is especially true for people with custom domain emails like popular businesses and also for students who are and sure what kind of email they have. This is not a Grave problem and has a simple solution to it we can easily find out what kind of email service we have.

After searching everywhere online I wasn’t able to find out if my email was POP3 or IMAP but with the help of a friend I was able to get a solution for myself. This is why today I want to share my experience and help people who are facing the same problem. Many people want to set up the email on their devices whether it be smartphones laptop or any other popular meta device which are still being used for.

What are POP3 and IMAP

If you are wondering what is POP3 and IMAP and you have never heard of these words in your life well then here we are to help you out. Well, both POP3 and IMAP are basically email protocols which define a set of rules and regulation while checking out your emails and make sure work a lot easier.

back In the day when emailing was still a new thing people had to manually set up their email addresses using softwares like Outlook. With the introduction of POP3 and IMAP, the setting up of email addresses has become automatic. POP3 stands for post office protocol and its suitable for office-related jobs or people who want to check their mail only on a single device as it downloads emails from a single server and then, later on, delete set from the server.

The IMAP protocol is a bit user-friendly and device friendly as it simply helps you to view emails from all around the world to each and every device you sign in to. IMAP stands for internet messaging access protocol And in this, your stays on the server which means that you can get access to your email from anywhere in the world and on any device you want to visit Hotmail.

How to find if your email is POP3 or IMAP?

Well if you are wondering what type of email you have done worry no more as here is how you can find out the same –

  • If you have signed up for an email in service from a website like Gmail, AOL Mail, or Yahoo then you have the IMAP type of email address.
  • If you have to use software to see log into your email address then you have the POP3 type of email account.