Weather & Climate in Alghero & North West Sardinia.

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North West Sardinia is blessed with a generally comfortable climate for most of the year. It can on occasion be windy when the "Mistral" blows in, pretty consistently for a 3 day period. In fact this can come as a welcome relief in the peak of summer (particularly in Alghero) but temperatures do not become as unpleasant as they can inland, further south or many places in mainland Italy.

Monthly Average Temperatures for Sardinia

Monthly Average Temperatures

Average Daily Sunshine Hours for Sardinia

Monthly Average Daily Sunshine

Monthly Rainfall for Sardinia

Monthly Rainfall

When to visit Alghero & North West Sardinia?

A lot of this is down to personal preferences. Obviously the closer to July the higher the temperatures and the lower the rainfall (see charts above). Other considerations include how busy, or how quiet you prefer your beaches and surroundings. As the favoured beach location from mainland Italy, you can guarantee everything will be open from mid June to mid September. In fact August (the week's surrounding Italy's national shutdown "Ferragosta" on the 15th) is the only time when it becomes very busy and only then on the coast.

Likewise the more specifically tourist resorts become very quiet from the end of September until the middle of June as compared to Alghero and Castelsardo with their larger Sardinian all year population. It is worth noting that a large proportion of the German visitors (who have a long history of tourism in Sardinia) favour the March-June and September-November periods and can be found on the beach and in the sea when the Sardinians are still wrapped up in their long coats! "Crazy" April can be a mix of beautiful sunny or rainy days but the Spring colours can compensate, from May it is generally good. Alternatively Easter and Christmas are also nice times to visit to see traditional religious parades and festivals in many places and fireworks in Castelsardo and Alghero.