Travel; Alghero Airport to Bosa, Castelsardo, Stintino, & Isola Rossa.

Generally the roads in this part of Sardinia are good. If you head into the centre of the island (Nuoro) or up towards Tempio Pausania some of the mountain roads can make quite slow progress. When driving it is now law in Sardinia and throughout Italy to have your lights on and for the driver to carry identification (identity card or passport) and valid insurance. It is also a good idea to keep a €20 note available, a lot of petrol stations are open "24 hours" and use automatic banknote readers when there are no attendents (e.g. 1pm-4pm). With regard to driving style you will notice that many of the locals are not very conscious of following the speed limits. Likewise in town they will quite happily stop (in the middle of the road) to have a chat with friends.

Reaching the main places by car from Alghero Airport

Map Alghero-Bosa Map Alghero-Castelsardo

Map from Alghero to Bosa

You will need to take directions initially for Alghero and pass through the town centre and then take the main road (SP105 then SP49) south.

Map from Alghero to Castelsardo

An option is to go via Sassari, we recommend unless you are a very confident driver it is better to head initially towards Porto Torres passing near the port area then taking signs for Sassari and shortly afterwards taking a left turn and then right on to the coast road (Litorale).
Map Alghero-Isola Rossa Map Alghero-Stintino

Map from Alghero to Isola Rossa

Essentially as with Castelsardo join the coast road at Porto Torres and then leave the coast road before you reach Lu Bagnu and then head inland. Then follow direction signs for your chosen venue.

Map from Alghero to Stintino

Yet again heading initially towards Port Torres and then taking a left turn at a major roundabout before you reach Port Torres.