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Hotels in & Around Alghero

Alghero is a good location if you are looking for a hotel which is near the airport (if possible take the bus, taxis are expensive) and to stay in an area where English is widely spoken. The "centro storico" is an attractive area near the port with restaurants and bars (it can be noisy in some locations). Beaches are good but are noticeably busier than other areas (excepting Stintino).
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Between Alghero and Capo Caccia are hotels in; Fertilia, near Spiaggia di Bombarde, Porto Conte and Capo Caccia itself. Although you will find all facilities at the hotels if you want to take day trips to other locations a car is useful.
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Hotels in or near Bosa

Bosa is a very attractive historic town and the drive south from Alghero is particularly attractive. The town itself is 1-2km from its beach area at Bosa Marina and we feature hotels in both locations. Places to visit south of Bosa include the Roman Ruins at Tharros near Oristano.
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Hotels in Castelsardo & Lu Bagnu

Two distinct areas; Castelsardo itself with its historic centre, nice beach and marina and literally 5 minutes away by car the main more modern beach resort of Lu Bagnu. There are plenty of bars and restaurants in both areas. The coastline around the town is quite dramatic and Castelsardo itself is centrally placed for day trips to either the east (Stintino) or west (Santa Teresa, Maddalena Islands....) and for this reason a car is recommended.
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Hotels in Stintino

Home to one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe; "La Pelosa" Stintino town itself is an attractive small town with some waterside bars and restaurants. However the popularity of the Pelosa beach means that in summer the beach itself and the one way circular road to it can get very busy. However a well positioned hotel pool can give beautiful views of the generally attractive coastline in this area.
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Hotels in Badesi, Valledoria & Isola Rossa

On the north coast, beyond Castelsardo, are the towns of Badesi, Valledoria around which are (predominantly summer season) resorts. Isola Rossa has an attractive port area attractive beaches and boat hire.
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