Marina di Sorso, Platamona &: Porto Torres, Sardinia.  Main Map View

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Platamona & Marina di Sorso

Coastal Tower Platamona More Beach.. Marina di Sorso
Coastal Tower Platamona More beach.. Marina di Sorso
Following the coast road west from Porto Torres the countryside opens up and after an elevated section the road drops down to run parallel to the coast seperated by "pineta" and you will see cars dotted along the road side next to tracks through to the beach. Platamona is the most developed area with various "villagio" (tourism villages) but as you leave this and head along the coast you will see various numbered roads towards the beach with parking areas and usually a snack bar and occasional restaurant right next to the beach. On the coast road itself are some restaurants a camp site and a water park.

Inland Towns

Sorso San Pantaleo Sassari Cathedral Piazza Italia
Sorso San Pantaleo Sassari Cathedral Piazza Italia
Inland from the coast the main towns are Sorso and Sennori. They are good places to pay local prices for excellent local produce and wine, often literally sold from the front of people's houses, you'll have to practice your Italian however! There are also supermarkets and an extensive Friday market in its centre. Around the attractive Chiesa di San Pantaleo are plenty of cafes with outside seating (most closed 1pm-3pm) and some restaurants. Further inland is Sassari which can be a difficult place to drive for the uninitiated but has some nice architecture in its centre, notably the Cathedral and the main square Piazza Italia.

Porto Torres

Port Area Beach Coast Basilica S.Giovanni
Port Area Beach Coast Basilica S.Giovanni
Porto Torres is on first impressions not that attractive. It does however have plenty of sensibly priced restaurants and bars, nice beaches to its west and boat trips to Asinara can be taken from here. Roman in origin there are also remains of the Roman settlement and an adjoining museum near the harbour area. Not far from this is the 11th century Basilica di San Giovanni Sardinia’s largest Romanesque church.