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Alghero & North West Sardinia Tourist Information.

Perhaps you know Italy, but what do you know of Sardinia? This guide will allow you to plan your holiday and personal travel plan for visiting North West Sardinia and other places within approximately an hour from Alghero airport. But where's best to stay? If you prefer not to drive and require English to be spoken fairly universally then Alghero itself is your best option. However hire a car, grab a phrase book and you can then discover how much variety and space (even on the beach) this area of Sardinia offers. With the exception of Alghero and Castelsardo (both great places at Easter and New Year if you like parades or fireworks) some of the coastal resort areas in Sardinia literally close from the mid/end October until mid April. However even in the Sardinian "winter" if you are willing to travel inland then you can find beautiful countryside, space and perhaps your own personal Sardinia travel experience.

Alghero Castelsardo Golf of Asinara Stintino
Alghero Castelsardo Golf of Asinara Stintino

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What to do in Alghero & Sardinia, Italy

Sardinia (Italy's second largest island) offers a diverse range of holiday options. Of course there are beaches and remarkably open and stunning coastlines; it has never experienced the mass tourism and development typical of the mainland resorts in Italy and so many other parts of the Mediterranean. There are attractive coastal towns with historic castles and battlements. It is also a nature lover's paradise and ideal for those looking for sporting activities; diving, sailing, trekking, cycling, etc. However if you are looking for multiple discotheques and a wild party atmosphere then perhaps better to consider other venues.